Carol Masheter; Author, Speaker, and Climber of the Seven Summits Carol Masheter
About the author

aka The Silver Fox

Carol Masheter, Ph.D., has been a research chemist, university professor in human development and relationships, and epidemiologist in public health.  In spite of fear of heights, stage fright, and writers block, she is now a mountaineer, motivational speaker, and author.  In 2013, she became the oldest woman in the world to summit the highest peak in each continent plus Carstensz Pyramid in Papua at age 65 and Mont Blanc in the Alps at age 66.  She lives in Salt Lake City and enjoys mountain sports, yoga, writing, and sharing lessons learned in the mountains about living life to the fullest.  

Dr. Masheter has given over 100 presentations to a wide variety of live audiences ranging from health care professionals and graduate students through first graders, corporate lawyers through prisoners, chambers of commerce, Lions Clubs, women’s leadership groups, senior centers, book clubs, libraries, church groups, outdoor groups, and the general public. 

Carol Masheter is also known as Carol Jean Masheter, Ph.D., Carol Masheter, Ph.D., or Dr. Masheter.

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