Carol Masheter; Author, Speaker, and Climber of the Seven Summits Carol Masheter
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hiring porters in Sugapa Dani people in Sunama Leaving Sunama
Woman porter with toddler Dori’s rescue Dori’s field treatment
Carol Masheter crossing a stick bridge Carol Masheter making a seated crossing of a log bridge Papuan man helping Carol Masheter cross a log bridge
Carol Masheter climbing through jungle roots Papuan porters Plateau bog
Porters and Pal Tande looking at pictures of the Seven Summits Carol Masheter scrambling over moss-covered karst Climbing steep limestone fins
Carol Masheter nearing the top of the limestone wall Carol Masheter crossing the Tyrolean traverse in freezing mist Carol Masheter crossing the Tyrolean traverse after a hole opened in the mist
Carol Masheter nearing the summit Carol Masheter laughing and crying at the same time Carol Masheter on the summit of Carstensz Pyramid
Part of the view from the summit including the Freeport Mine Group picture just below the summit Descending the ridge
Carol Masheter rappelling down part of the limestone wall The team near the base of the limestone wall Carol Masheter climbing down limestone fins
Papuan men welcoming us back near Sunama    

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The first image in the top banner zooms in on the summit of Everest and shows some of the spectacular view from the summit.

Dispatches from previous Adventure Consultants Everest expeditions and the Gallery include more images.